The course aims to provide thorough knowle-dge of advanced biotechnologies in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engine-ering through multidisciplinary training that combines updated theoretical concepts and practical skills within a highly international setting.

The program is a 2-year course and made of a total of 120 credits. One credit (CFU) cor-responds to 25 hours of total commitment per student. The breakdown of the total time commitment for each credit between assisted
teaching and individual study is determined as follows:
● 1 credit lecture= 8 hours of lecture + 17 hours of individual study

● 1 credit laboratory=25 hours of assisted te- aching

● 1 credit curricular internship= 25 hours of training activities (at the institution/industry where the internship is carried out)
● 1 credit final exam= 25 hours of individual study



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